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Your picture frame - in the cloud.

nannagram is a free-to-use application which makes it a breeze to share memories with your loved ones - by using Facebook, Email, or SMS.

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What's a nannagram?
What is nannagram?

We live in an increasingly connected world, where we share our experiences with people all over the world through the click of a button. nannagram is designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily activities, and create a non-interactive way for our elders to be part of your experiences.

nannagram is a free-to-use application, which makes it a breeze to share photos with your grandparents by using facebook, email, and/or SMS (coming soon). Simply select the photos you want to share, and they will pop-up automagically on the viewing device of your choice - on a Kindle Fire or iPad for example.

How To Use nannagram
How To Use It.

There's three easy steps to make your grandma happy:

  • Step 1
  • Step 1
    Bookmark your fullscreen gallery URL on the tablet of your choice and give it to Grams.
  • Step 1
    Share photos and messages with your loved one by email, SMS, or through facebook.

What you'll need
What You'll Need

  • A viewing device: The device you set-up as a digital picture frame for your loved one. This can be a tablet, a laptop, or a iPod touch. Nothing fancy needed - see below for a selection of recommended tablets. Internet connection required.
  • Email and/or Facebook account: nannagram integrates seamlessly with your Facebook account and shares the photos you select on a web-enabled slideshow. This means your grandparent does not need her own account.

What you'll need
What's the Cost?

It's free. All you need is a internet-connected tablet or laptop for the recipient to view their nannagram feed.

The cause is something we're really passionate about, and we want to make sure it can benefit as many people as possible. If you feel like supporting further development, you can donate some money below to keep our caffeine levels high. If you plan on buying a tablet, we wouldn't mind if you use one of the links on this site (we get a tiny commission for each sale).

Anything else?

Questions? Ideas for improvement? Or do you know a nursing home or other place that could benefit from nannagram? We'd love to hear from you - hit us up with any or all of the above, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Big props to Tony Bohnenkamp, who did an amazing job on all things audio for the nannagram video. You can find him online at

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