Cinematic and highly personalized videos about the people you love the most.

Nannagram was born out of the realization that every person’s story deserves to be told and preserved. Too often, friends and family express regret about not recording the memories of their loved ones before it was too late. We’re here to change that.



We'll upload your video so you can view it anywhere, anytime - makes it a lot easier to share with all the grandkids, too.


There's no specific age for a Nannagram feature - we can capture lasting memories for loved ones of any age.


We can digitalize just about any medium to incorporate into your Nannagram. We'll also provide you with the digital files once your video is ready.

Unique as Gram herself.


We know that every person is beautifully unique - and your Nannagram video should be too. A handwritten opener, her favorite song, and cinematic shots highlighting their personality  - no Nannagram is the same.



How a Nannagram is made:



Browse our availability calendar, choose your add-ons, and book a date to shoot your Nannagram. (15% deposit required)


Once you book your filming date, we will send you everything needed to prepare for a great Nannagram. Got old photos? We'll scan them for you. We will also help you decide on interview questions to ask, plan the day of the shoot, and answer any other questions you might have. 


Once the day arrives, we'll meet you at your chosen location. Set-up of our cameras and equipment doesn't take long - we strive to make the whole experience as convenient, fun, and memorable as possible. After the shoot, we will take the recorded footage and create your personal Nannagram within 30 days. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Nannagram?

A Nannagram usually ends up being around 45-60 minutes in length. Want a longer video? Add-on an extra 30 minutes of edited footage when you book.

How long is a Nannagram shoot?

We usually try to get all the footage we need within a 2 1/2 to 3 hour window. Some scenes might require us to meet you on an additional day to get extra footage. 

How do you digitalize our old photos / videos / film?

We can scan any documents, photos, and film negatives at our offices, or at the location of the filming. Best of all, once you receive your Nannagram, you will also receive all scanned and digitalized documents on a USB drive.

What kind of set-up should I expect for the day of the shoot?

We aim to keep every set-up as simple as possible. While we prefer shooting with natural light, we use a simple three-point lighting set up when that is not an option. Each Nannagram is usually filmed with 2-4 cameras simultaneously in order to give a variety of shots to use throughout the film. 

I'd like to do a Nannagram featuring two people at the same time. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Sometimes stories are just better told together. Make sure you check the "Two Person Nannagram" add-on when booking.

Can I get all of the recorded and unedited footage after I receive my Nannagram?

We offer an add-on option to have all recorded/unedited files delivered on a high-quality external hard drive for you to keep. Just make sure to check the option when booking your Nannagram. 

The person I want to feature in my Nannagram has trouble speaking. Do you offer closed-captioning?

We sure do. Just add the "Closed-Captioning" option when booking.

How long until I receive my Nannagram?

We will deliver your Nannagram within 30 days after the filming date.

How much is a Nannagram?

You can view our pricing here.

When do I have to pay?

We require a 15% deposit at the time of booking your filming date. The remainder is due before delivery of the final product and can be paid online or in person.

How far will you travel?

All Nannagram pricing includes locations within 30 miles of Des Moines, Iowa. Please contact us for pricing information for other locations.

What do I receive after my Nannagram is finished?

You will receive your professionally edited Nannagram via an online link (private or public), as well as two copies on external USB sticks. These will also hold any digitalized assets such as scans of photos, documents, etc.

I prefer watching DVDs/Blurays - can I receive my Nannagram as such?

We offer add-on packages of 5-10 DVDs or Blurays - just check the add-on when booking your Nannagram.

Can I watch a full-length Nannagram somewhere?

A lot of the stories shared in a Nannagram are private. We value the privacy of our clients, and don't ever share footage without your express written consent. We are happy to share some more approved scenes with you however – just get in touch

I really want a Nannagram but I can't afford it. Couldn't I just do this myself?

Although it is hard to get the professional audio and video results without the proper professional equipment and experience, we believe memories preserved in any form are better than none preserved at all. In fact, we're working on tips and techniques for amateurs to shoot their own videos. Stay tuned for updates.

I'm a videographer/editor. Are you hiring?

We are always looking for people that share our passion for visual storytelling - drop us a line so we can get to know you

What's the story behind the Nannagram logo?

Glad you asked. The Nannagram logo is Stefan's grandmother Elly's handwriting.